Samaj Shikshan Manadal (1860 MHA/1203/Pune 1982)
In 1961, by recognizing the need of spread of education and creating learned and well-mannered and well -cultured future generation with special focus on students from rural and unprivileged family; Samaj Shikshan Mandal, vinzer came in to being..

Although, Pune is a recognized as an oxford of east; velhe, a remote taluka of Pune district was far away from educational development. Literacy level was miserable. Out of 16 most remote and hill talukas; Velhe is one of the taluka. As this taluka is so underdeveloped and remote; people from velhe taluka were struggling even for their basic needs. In such a remote and undeveloped area; Samaj Shikshan Mandal came out with a ray of hope for education..

By taking "Sarva Shreshtha Dan Vidya Dan" (Best donation for society is imparting education) as a mission statement sanstha started its first 'Secondary School' in vinzer . With the visionary help by Shri. Bapuji Salunkhe and grand donation of one acer land for the school by Shri. Dada Patwardhan, villagers themselves constructed the school building. Prior to these building, students were to take education in Amruteshwar Tempal or Bhairoba Tempal. Due to this building secondary students get huge help in perceiving their dream of education.

To give the new wings of ambition to the rural youth, sanstha came out with further steps for higher education and in 1997 the foundation stone was laid down for 'Amruteshwar Arts College, vinzer '. This college has completed 13 years in serving the society and imparting higher education to the rural youth. In 2003-04, NAAC, Banglor has allotted 2F and 12B status with C+ grade and permanent affiliation by UGC, New Delhi. Recently, in 2010, college has stared Commerce faculty on grantable basis. Sanstha has purchased 7 acre land in 2005-06 for the further development of the college. Sanstha is willing to construct a college building and other necessary facilities on this land.

The special point to be noticed is that; Samaj Shikshan Mandal is getting only salary grant & no other grant from government for day to day administration of college. Even after this, sanstha is catering the needs of the college from its own pocket.

Apart from education, Sanstha has provided special attention towards qualitative and overall development of the students. College professors are also motivated and granted free hand for their quality improvement. Relentless efforts for spread best replica watches of education to the grass root level are being made by taking rural students at the center and sanstha promises to carry this noble work even further.

Members of Managemet of Samaj Shikshan Manadal

Shri. Yashwantrao G. Patwardhan Executive President
Shri. Sadanad G. Phadke (Adv.) Hon'ble President
Shri. Pradip S. Phadke President
Shri. Sadubhau H. Limhan Vice-President
Shri. Ashok D. Bhuruk Secretary
Shri. Sarjerao Maruti Bhosale Treasurer
Shri. Bhagwanrao K. Limhan Member
Shri. Bhau Padwal Member
Shri. Prashant Bhosale Member
Shri. Hanumant Sonavne Member
Shri. Yatin Patwardhan Member

Shri. Yashwantrao Patwardhan Shri. Sadanad Phadke Shri. Pradip Phadke
Executive President Hon' President President
Shri. Sadubhau  Limhan Shri. Ashok Bhuruk Shri. Sarjerao Bhosale
Vice - President Secretary Treasurer
Shri. Bhagwanrao  Limhan Shri. Bhau Padwal Shri. Prasant Bhosale
Member Member Member
Shri. Hanumant Sonavne Shri Yatin Patwardhan  
Member Member  

Members of Local Management Committee of Amruteshwar Arts, Commerce & Science College, vinzer

Name Designation
Shri. Pradip S. Phadke President
Principal Shri. Sanjeev S. Late Secretary
Shri. Sadubhau H. Limhan Member
Shri.Bhagwanrao K. Limhan Member
Shri. Ashok D. Bhuruk Member
Shri. Sarjerao Maruti Bhosale Member
Prof. Ramchandra M. Mokashi Representative Teaching Staff
Prof. Seema A. Bagul Representative Teaching Staff
Prof. Yogesh N. Shrikhande Representative Teaching Staff
Shri. Vijay M. Limhan Representative Non-Teaching Staff

Features of College
  • Expert and qualified staff
  • Well equipped computer laboratory
  • Well equipped library
  • Tradition of excellent results